'thus we cover the world with the drawings we have lived'
Gaston Bachelard : The Poetics of Space

Rachel Gibson's work reflects an intuitive involvement with imagery and ideas that are central to the notion of memory and sense of place. Inspiration comes from sources which can be loosely described as historical and poetic and it is the exploration of drawing as a physical link between thought, experience and language that has caused her development of this series of drawn transactions. Connections with the work of Gaston Bachelard enhance reflections on the nature of psychological space.

The intimate environment of both home and garden has encouraged enquiry about fragility, growth and loss: the progression of one state of being to another. In the natural world there will always be measure of uncertainty. In such a sythesis of material and process, like the act of drawing itself, there is a sense of profound risk.
Both the activity of drawing and the exploration of how marks construct layers upon a surface are important. It is the way that a drawing can hover on the edge of existence that makes its language so eloquent.

Rachel's practice involves working with a wide range drawing, painting, printmaking and bookmaking
media, sometimes combined with elements of video and sound to create visual experiences that can be both subtle and mysterious.


room 503, squires building, university of northumbria
drawing and video intallation